As a newbie Freelander owner, Iím hoping to get some assistance based on my description of the problem. I drive a 2011 SD4 and experienced the vehicle grinding to a halt yesterday in the middle of rush hour. Now unable to start the car either.

Seems to be a fuel problem as the engine wants to start but there seems to be air in the fuel system. Surely it canít be as simple as air - possible caused by a cracked pipe or o-ring, thereby breaking the vacuum.

No warning messages, all the lights on the dash come on. Battery is okay, but taking a hit trying to bleed the air out the system.

When taking the pipes off before/after the filter , assuming itís the filter as it sits directly in front of the engine. There are two pipes, one with an arrow pointing to the fuel tank side of the vehicle and another taking fuel through what looks like the filter and onto the manifold/common rail).

The pipes appear to be very dry - I would have expected to see some resemblance of diesel on the walls of the pipes. Also, when cranking the engine, there is minimal diesel coming out the pipes from the manifold/common rail to the injectors.

My insurance took the car to the closest dealer, which is in the towing agreement - while I would have preferred an indy having a look at.

What are the symptoms on a faulty HP fuel pump?