I travelled this gravel road on the 29 December 2018 and returned via it to the C13 on the 31 December 2018. The road is in very good condition. Better than some of the tar I have driven on in Namibia. It is easy to forget yourself and find yourself going at a 100 km/p/h. I seriously recommend that you restraint yourself. The gravel road as good as it is, crosses the Arrimas dry river bed and others several times. These beds come up suddenly and are strewn with small rocks and are corrugated. It makes for an unpleasant and dangerous experience at high speed. Further the D463 winds through farmland. There are grazing cattle and sharp sudden bends in road. Enjoy the good gravel and take it easy. There are also about 4 gates that need to be opened and closed as you make your way through. The turn off from the D463 to the Fish River Lodge is clearly sign posted. You wonÂ’t miss it. The best part of the journey for me was after the turnoff. The road from there to the lodge is something special, narrow, winding, rocky, and a bit of a roller coaster ride but in a good way. Enjoy it..