Please help with itinerary thanks a million!

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    Default Please help with itinerary thanks a million!

    Hello all ,
    We made the mistake of thinking we could easily self-drive from Kasane to Maun in 3 days (2 nights) with our Toyota Hilux (2.8TD Double Cab group S+) end of February (flying back Maun-CPT 25/02). We are one car only and have some but not extensive off road experience.

    I've been reading the threads previously posted in this community - it's been helpful but I'm still strugling to find the best solution..
    What would be your advice? (including a flight over the delta somewhere along the program)

    A) drive through safer parts of Chobe (where?), camp 2 nights (where?), arrive early in Maun and arrange a Delta-sight seeing flight
    B) drive straight to Maun (via Nata) and 'waste' one day, spend the night there then drive to Moremi (and forget about Chobe)
    C) drive straight to Maun (via Nata) and then join mobile safari to either Chobe or Moremi (expensive!) or fly in and out of Moremi (expensive!) -- both options are actually above our budget what we could find online so far ; but I'd love to hear your tips/advice on this!
    D) ..??

    We will have spend 4 days in Etosha by that time so I've read how maybe Moremi might be more special/if we have to choose maybe go for Moremi and forget about Chobe?

    Thank you all very much for your advice. Much appreciated!
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    Default Re: Please help with itinerary thanks a million!

    3 days (2 nights) is definitely to short for that stretch if you want to see something.

    I would do the link to Maun and spend the days in Moremi, the easier tracks would be open, the more difficult ones might be to muddy. The park rangers at the gate will give you decent info for the time you are there.

    Chobe is fantastic but to combine you would need more time. Kasane to Maun with game viewing would need a minimum of 5 nights if it should be enjoyable.
    I don't think booking would be an issue for February, it is not the high season, but you need to have confirmed reservations before setting off.

    Flight over the delta only from Maun, all in all takes about a 3 hours time slot.
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    Default Re: Please help with itinerary thanks a million!

    Please inform us of your entire itinerary, thanx

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