Kids MTB sizing.

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    Default Kids MTB sizing.

    Just seeking opinions on bike sizing kids.

    My son is 8 next month. He's not tall, but he's skinny, and immensely strong.
    My daughter is 10 this month. She's about average.

    Now my son rides a 20" bike and my daughter a 24". They are both comfortable with their bikes, but my son has taken to riding his sister's bike. If the seat is way down he is comfortable on it. He prefers his sisters bike because it is 18 speed, and it goes way faster on the flats and downs. The problem is that the bigger wheels seem to be a handful for him on tricky terrain although he does like to try hops and jumps on the bigger bike.

    I'm now wondering whether I should buy him a 24" or keep him on the 20" so he's comfortable on the tricky stuff, and wait another year or so.
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    Default Re: Kids MTB sizing.

    Simon at that age length is the key ....

    Maritz got his 24'' the week after turning 7. Granted, he typically wears "8-to9" year old clothes, skinny tall chap.

    He is MUCH better on the trails with the 24'' !!!!!

    He needs another 4cm inseam length and then he will be perfect size for a 26'' bike with an extra-small frame.

    The larger tires just rolls much smoother over the small bumps.

    BUT - just make sure the arm length is correct !! I have seen way too often where parents buy the next size up "Want hy gaan gou in dit ingroei..". Problem is they can hardly reach the handlebars, and certainly dont have enough reach to turn properly.


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