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    Quote Originally Posted by Malmoer View Post
    Thats the thing its wired.

    Also do not have the fridge divider grid. But the double side tape may work. Will test.
    Buy that really strong type, they come with red or blue covering with red being the strongest. (something like 180kg of weight the whole role can support)

    Not that you would need something that strong, but that tape is marvelous.

    When a gps's suction cup for the window mount stop working, I permanently stick the cradle to the window with this tape and there it stays, come blistering sun or frost. I did this with both vehicles and they have been running like this for years.

    Strangely enough when you need to remove it, it comes of fairly easy and without the mess that normal "household" tape gives when trying to remove it. It doesn't tear into little pieces and stay stuck. Not even a hair dryer or heatgun is needed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Die SwartKat View Post
    Aaah but behind which wall is the evaporator? Need to email Dometic for that info or open up yourself.

    Easy usually the one by the compressor but a surefire way is to see which wall has the frost on when it's running
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