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    Default Suzuki Jimny Overlander / Trail Tyre help

    Hello, I need some help / advice / direction for my Jimny.

    As you all know power is rare in a Jimny, so tyre size is ever so important to get right. Currently I am running the stock 205/70/15 tyres with a 40mm lift. These work perfect for highway driving, and if you rev the 1.3L power is not to bad, however many people have complained of the hectic power loss when going for a larger tyre. I do tend to struggle on the trails, purely by just hitting more rocks etc, where the 30" guys simply just drive. This does make it more fun and challenging.

    I must state that the vehicle is a daily driver, and it's build primarily for overlanding trips (Plans to travel Southern Africa). However I have recently started doing 4x4 trails in it as well.

    The obvious choice would be going for a 215/75/15 tyre. But now this is where I cant decide...

    The goal for the vehicle is to upgrade the motor to the 1.6L. So for highway driving the 215 would be a great match and the slight power loss in the size increase would be covered by the performance increase in the engine. The other side of the story is that bigger tyres also just look way more awesome on a Jimny and will help substantially on trails, just need to get those extra few cm's ground clearance.

    I have recently come across a crawler gear transfer case mod. Which drops high range by 17% and low range by 87%. (I have always felt like the Jimnys low range has been to high, Especially for very rocky sections, you cant go slow enough with power).

    This got me thinking. Could I maybe not fit a larger Tyre and not loose power due to the drivetrain ratio drop? This is where I need your help. My logic dictates that if I drop the transfer ratios by 17%, I could put a 17% larger tyre on and It should in theory be the same as the stock tyres & transfer case?

    The larger options im looking at would be either:

    > 235/75/15
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    > 30x9.5R15
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    I was looking at 235/75/15 as this is not a super huge tyre and should still be semi-practical, however with the transfer case drop I see its circumference is only 9.9% larger (so I would loose top end speed)

    So in my mind I have to choose between the two options:

    1: 215/75/15
    2: 235/75/15 with transfer case reduction.
    3: 30/9.5/15 with transfer case reduction.

    Factors to consider:
    > Fuel Economy
    > Power loss
    > Highway driving, need to be able to cruise at 120/130 (and preferable not slow to 80 up hills)
    > Overtaking
    > Ground Clearance Gain

    There are obviously some cost implications to the second option. However its low range power increase should also help big time with rock crawling...

    Very interested to hear your thoughts.
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    Default Re: Suzuki Jimny Overlander / Trail Tyre help

    Sorry, most of the gearing and power questions are beyond my expertise.

    What I can say is that the weight of different tyres is a huge factor to consider, especially on something with less power but also less weight / strain on the tyres like a Jimny.

    My Goodyear Wrangler Adventures in 245/70R16 weigh, on average, about 18.5kg each. A similar three ply or heavier duty tyre will weigh about 7kg more EACH.

    That's massive rotational and unsprung mass that you can keep off your vehicle.

    So whatever tyres you buy, take a scale and weigh an average of 4 before you commit.

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    Default Re: Suzuki Jimny Overlander / Trail Tyre help

    For overlanding keeping it stock would be best, because you will maintain decent fuel consumption.
    But if you insist on upgrading (like me)....
    If your primary focus is overlanding, I would go with the 1.6 motor and 215/75R15.
    If your primary focus is playing on trails, I would go with the 1.6 motor, more lift, the gearset that you have mentioned 31x10.5's (this will require some wheel arch trimming), and a rear locker.

    The bigger the tyre, the better the vehicle will perform off-road, but the worse your on road handling becomes.

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