Best lock & hinge for a security gate

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    Default Best lock & hinge for a security gate

    Hi guys,

    I am looking at improving the lock/s on a normal steel swing security gate as well as the hinges.
    I am not sure which lock would be the best though (I just know I don't want a cylinder lock after I saw how a locksmith just snapped one in less than 5 seconds).
    So its between a lever lock and "push pin" style lock (not sure if there is anything else on the market).

    Also what hinges are the best, butterfly, bullet or something else?

    I know someone is going to say its overkill but my intention is to have at least 2 locks on the one edge (maybe one in middle and one closer to the bottom) with a 3mm+ cover plate over the gap between gate and frame and then on the other side maybe have 2 separate pairs of hinges together (4 in total) for added strength / rigidity.
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    Default Re: Best lock & hinge for a security gate

    I use bullet hinges and circle locks, seems to work.

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