Maai Mahiu, Kenya

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    Default Maai Mahiu, Kenya

    Not sure where this area is in comparison to where everyone travels.

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    Default Re: Maai Mahiu, Kenya

    This town of Maai Mahiu appears to be in Nakuru County along Nairobi-Narok road at the junction of old the Narok road and Naivasha Road. This appears to be the route that many would take westwards to Lake Naivasha, the Maasai Mara and to Uganda from Nairobi. Maai Mahiu is a town at the base of the winding and very busy tar road of the Rift Valley escarpment with its spectacular views. Many however will unfortunately remember it most from the hazardous driving behind the slow and recklessly driven heavy trucks.

    The video is taken on a un-surfaced, rather isolated looking road, presumably in the district and definitely not on this main route. I personally find the robbery attempt all that menacing and thought it was handled well. They appeared rather amateur compared to our seasoned and very professional highwaymen.
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    Default Re: Maai Mahiu, Kenya

    I am perplexed as to why Roberto posted this video without any knowledge of the country or being able to make an informed view on it.

    I think it is taken on a dirt road which winds up the face of the escarpment from Maai Mahiu to Kijabe. This is not a route any tourist would take. The video was also taken in 2015.

    At Kijabe is a mission founded in 1905, a mission hospital, and a missionary school (Rift Valley Academy) all run by AIC (Africa Inland Church). AIC is now an American missionary organization. If you listen to the voices on the video they are American, and I hazard a guess that it was taken on the dash cam of a vehicle belonging to one of the missionaries from Kijabe. There might be more than meets the eye going on here: Not a half-hearted car-jacking attempt, but some sort of grudge against the Mission or the driver of the mission vehicle.

    Thankfully, Stan has replied saying that incidents like this happen in South Africa more regularly and with increased sophistication and violence.
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