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    Quote Originally Posted by EHoffmann View Post
    Just as well is relative

    It will work just as well as a 105 Mojave would have. You cant expect a 105 to perform as a 120

    Unless the 105w is the 120w on truth serum ....

    I know it is not fair to knock the company, i truly believe they aiming for a good brand and a quality product and I am very happy with Flexopower. So I am not taking a shot at them,,,,

    But, the cynic in me always has to chuckle - every time someone independant reviews any solar panel they never get close to the advertised wattage regardless of make, model, or how they angle it.

    And there is always the disclaimer, "theoretical maximum, under ideal conditions"
    (Note : ideal conditions is being attached to the sunnyside of the hubble space telescope as its orbit approaches the sun.)
    Pajero Sport 2013 3.2 A/T

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    Perhaps also have a look at here.

    I bought the 150w setup last year. Fitted my size requirements for dimension and output. Only used it for two days though so limited feedback. I bought a stecca 15amp charge controller with digital display separately as he did not have any controllers in stock at he time of order, and I needed it on 3 day turnaround. (his supplied controller was discounted off the purchase price). I opted for 10m cable length between panels and controller.

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