Hi guys, Ive done some searching on the forum and came across a few threads.

There seems to be access from Ganzekraal side all the way to the parking area at Bokbaai, you can park there and make you way down to the beach as long as you stay off their property and close all the gates behind you. Also please keep the beach nice and tidy and stick to the designated trails.

Please visit as much as you can before this too gets taken away from us.

Cape Nature has gone and fenced off the entire stretch from Eskom all the way to Yzefontein in the name of protecting and conserving. When really theres a land claim pending and the owners have sided with Cape Nature to protect their interests and spite the local community in claiming back the Land that belonged to them.

They also have heavily armed guards with machine guns, side arms and sniper rifles to protect their property.

Please stay off there property and enjoy the beach!