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    Default Xtrail T/Charger query

    Hello - I am new to your forum and Diesel vehicles ! I would greatly appreciate members comments on the below matter.

    I am considering buying an Xtrail 2,2 Diesel with 27000 km on clock.

    On inspection the engine was spotless but I found black oil and road grit under the air feeder hose to the Turbo charger unit. N/Dealer agreed to inspect and result was they are replacing the T/C unit with a new one. Reason was that they said the "bush" / unit that turns the impellor (i think) had more play than normal and would be considered unacceptable.

    There was also oil at "air breather " hose to main air feed hose.

    As I have never had a diesel before, all the horror stories make one nervous ...even hearing the car team on cape talk radio seem to scare the heck out of one on buying a diesel ....

    My questions are

    1. an xtrail with 27k km on clock... why would it have a T/Charger unit failing....owner abuse or mechanical ?

    2. could there be deeper engine faults as a result of this fault ?

    3. could there be an oil feed problem associated

    4. what are xtrail owner comments on DIESEL vehicles generally

    5. what are xtrail owner comments on PETROL vehicles generally

    6. would you buy an xtrail where manufacturer replaces t/Charger unit at 27k km

    7. what do you suggest i look at further on the vehicle ? (related to this fault)

    8. why does the cape talk/702 car team not like diesel vehicles?

    9. is it true that Xtrail Diesel vehicles are in short supply and owners tend to hang on to them because they like them ?

    10. general comments on Japanese Turbo Charger vehicles

    Thank you for comment - much appreciated

    best regards


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    daniel567 Guest


    Additional question Nissan Xtrail 2.2 Diesel query...

    - would you recommend this vehicle to tow a caravan

    - would this vehicle be suitable for 80% town drving 20% gravel ?

    - hill climb from zero , 45" +/- ...with aircon on , first gear ok, moving to
    second gear ....could not handle it and stalled ....is this expected ?

    feel free to post here or email me direct at [email protected]

    Thank you for your comments


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    Daniel, all I can offer is to repeat the hearsay regarding diesel repairs: They are horrifically expensive to repair when things go wrong. Injectors cost an arm and a leg and the high pressure pumps run at ridiculous replacement costs. Petrol-engined vehicles seem so much cheaper to maintain.

    This would go for all the new era diesel engines, not specifically related to Nissan, but all the new Diesels. Older-era diesel engines produce less power but seem to offer more in reliability.

    Not very helpful I'm afraid, but 4E and others are bound to offer you some meaningful advice when they see this thread.

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    daniel567 Guest


    thanks for comment - hope more readers pick up this thread .....

    There do seem to be a lot of Diesel cars used in town driving ...so i am also interested why people go for diesel in Town situations .

    Does anyone know if the Nissan Xtrail Diesel second hand is a scare unit to buy because people like them or because they don't ?


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    Hi Daniel,

    I have the petrol 2.5l but looked at every version of the X-Trial before I bought. The sales manager that sold me my vehicle said there was a problem with the diesel (but then again he was trying to sell me my petrol version so 1 bad report should not be used to put down a vehicle). I did not go for the diesel because as far as I remember diesel X-Trails smoke like a coal fired power station but this does not seem to affect the performance any.

    I am not that mechanically inclined so can't offer any tech advise re that vehicle. As far as the 702/Cape talk "gurus" go, they are probably city slicker that think anything diesel should be pulling a plough. The fact is that many performance vehicles have diesel versions that sometimes out perform the petrol models... new gen diesels are generally excellent but can give you heart failure when they break.

    As for your hill climb effort (doubt it was 45 degree angle, but even if it was "very steep")... if without caravan then the vehicle should easily handle first and second with enough revs!! (IMHO)

    Drive a hard bargain and insist on extended warranty etc... sqeeze them for everything 'til it hurts!
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    thanks to those who have commented .... I have also found some comments from web surfing ….which may be useful to some …not sure how it makes me feel …would love more comment from Xtrail Drivers or anyone please…would you buy an Xtrail with 27k on clock , had replaced T/charger ? otherwise good nic....are u worried about the intercooler mechanism ?

    web info .....= do you agree with below comments ?

    ….a turbo-diesel at full power for long periods, hauling heavy trailers up steep hills at full power, hour after hour of speeding down to the coast at 150 kph. ….That's how to abuse a turbo-diesel.

    …Petrol car engines are more suitable than diesels for running at full power over long periods.

    …Modern diesels are mostly alloy head and block. With cast iron engines high EGT caused turbo and injector damage. With modem alloy engines high EGT often leads to head, valve and pre-combustion chamber damage as well.

    But how can he be so sure it is high EGT that's causing the damage?

    ….Writers in magazines have come up with other theories, but 99 out of 100 turbo-diesels in for turbo or cylinder head damage are clearly caused by excessive combustion temperatures.

    Heat fatigue shows itself by cracks as the metal changes its form.

    "It happens very rarely that we see a turbo-diesel vehicle over 50K with no damage",…

    ….While the damage has been done it is lying invisible inside the engine but it can't be proven without taking the engine apart.

    ….Diesel engines are happiest when driven on or close to the revs that produce the highest torque.

    At higher revs, torque drops off and while power increases so does the temperature generated.
    The result is high fuel consumption and high engine temperatures.

    This is why above 140 kph most diesel engines will consume about as much fuel as a similar petrol vehicle.

    At this speed the petrol engine is happiest, revving high and burning its fuel efficiently, while a diesel is at high-stress, running hot and burning fuel inefficiently.

    So when considering a new or used vehicle, think about what kind of driver you are.

    If you are towing, buy a petrol.

    If you want the economy of diesel, decide now that long stretches at high speeds are a thing of the past.

    If the vehicle is used ,do a diagnostic test to see if damage has been done and if its new fit an
    EGT gauge without delay and, reset the diesel pump on an active dyna to limit the combustion temperatures before damage is done.

    www.steves.co.za ....great info here...

    what do you feel about above comments ?

    would you buy the vehicle ?

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    If you need a general all rounder, city, highway, general off-roading with a bit of beachwork then the x-trail is a good buy.
    The diesel will give you want you want but keep to the speed limits.
    Remember though that the turbo only kicks in around 1500 revs/min on the older turbo units. On the later turbo diesels, they use a variable vane turbo which does not suffer from turbo lag.
    So the petrol is better for low revs [i.e. caravanning] if the slope is a bit steep.
    But once on the move the diesel is a far better tow vehicle within limits.
    I found the 1st gear could have been lower on the diesel for this reason.

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