3-5day trail options from JHB

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    Default 3-5day trail options from JHB

    Hi Guys

    I am looking for some ideas please on a off-road holiday.
    Is there a trail to drive up to the top of the Drakensburg? Can you camp up there?
    I am looking for a 3-5 day trail. It doesn't have to be the Drakensberg, other suggestions would be appreciated.
    Looking to depart JHB on the 7th January 2019

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    Default Re: 3-5day trail options from JHB

    Some of your options would be to do some of the famous/well known Eastern Cape passes. See the attached 2 Google Earth files for 2 trips that I have done from up north. You can also Google the Ben 10 Eco challenge. Some of the passes there is covered in my 2 trips.

    On these trips we did not camp. My friend traveled on his Adventure bike. The 1st trip I accompanied him in my 4x2 Ranger and on the 2nd trip in my 4x4 Ranger.

    Summary of trip 1:
    1) Volunteershoek Pass
    2) Tiffendell. My friend did the Ben MacDhui Pass on his Adventure bike. This was before it was opened as an official pass.
    3) Tiffindell-Tenahead Traverse
    4) Top of Naudesnek Pass
    5) Kraairivier Pass (Tar)
    6) Joubert's Pass
    7) Lundeansnek Pass. This is a must do for the views.

    Summary of trip 2:
    1) Lundeansnek Pass. Cannot do this enough time.
    2) Barkley Pass (Tar)
    3) Bastervoetpad Pass
    4) Bottelnek Pass
    5) Otto du Plessis Pass
    6) Kumajaba Pass
    7) Tsitsa Falls
    8 ) Tina Falls. Quite a unique one.
    9) Buffalo Neck Pass
    10) Ongeluksnek Pass.

    Feel free to contact me for any info.
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