Have you ever needed to dig an emergency hole?
Maybe that time when you’re in the bush and last night’s curry comes to visit again?
Or when you desperately need to plant a tree or cut one down when you’re not home?
Or maybe you just need to dig your vehicle out of some really soft sand or start a fire.
Maybe you have to anchor a boat?

The Folding Shovel, constructed of Stainless steel is exactly the feature-full tool you need at hand.

The handle contains a:
230mm Wood Saw.
Ferro Rod to start fires
Whistle for signalling

The head of the shovel folds into three locking positions:
180 Degrees - Shovel/Spade/Chopping with Axe Edge/Fighting
90 Degrees - Pick or Hoe.
30 Degrees - Anchor for boat or to peg a Tent in soft soil.
Right side of the shovel has a 10cm/27teeth Serrated edge to Saw with.
10cm Axe Edge on the left side which can be used as Lightweight Axe for chopping.

The only reason this is not called a Survival Shovel is because it won’t do your hunting for you…..wait a minute…

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