Hi all,

Long time lurker, not much of a poster but I appreciate a lot of wisdom and opinionated suspension chat here.

I've been reading through threads on replacement springs, I've just upgraded from a well-used 2009 NP300 DC ZD30 to a lesser kms 2008 Hilux DC 3.0 that needs new shocks and front coils. I get a lot of driving around Windhoek, but then a harder trip every two months, Damaraland/Kunene or the other side to Khaudum etc. Nothing too crazy in general though maybe one or two long journeys a year that tend to break something.

I see supreme springs is both localish and way below the cost of imported offerings, but can't see much comparison with similar offerings from OME, EFS etc. I'd appreciate any comments on that. I liked the idea of the Dobinson springs but they are way too pricey from importers.

If it makes a difference on the shock front, I'm pretty sold on the bilstein B8s, though EFS and OME all come at similar prices. I've been through koni, iron man, hdp and bilstein the last decade or so, mainly worse driving than now (me and terrain). None are perfect, iron man and bilstein didn't break though....most folks I know go with OME though I can't believe the small bore really outperforms other designs.

Thanks for any insights.