Do you have a wallet that is so filled with coins and till slips that you struggle to fit it in your pocket?
Is it so heavy you need to tighten your belt one more notch to keep your pants from ending up around your ankles?
You need the MNMLST Wallet!

There are four different variants of the MNMLST Wallet, all of which have an RFID blocking panel which prevents card scanning while it’s in your pocket.

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***Vat held @ 14% on our current stocks. We will keep the Tax Man happy with the discounted 1% New Vat will be applied to new stock and re-stocked items***
Price includes Vat. Full costs displayed BEFORE you have to pay.
Online Credit Card and EFT Payment options available. we are ONLINE, deliver Nation-Wide, Door2Door OR you are welcome to Click’nCollect.
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