2nd Gen Lexus RX350 advise

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    Question 2nd Gen Lexus RX350 advise


    I'm interested in purchasing a 2nd Gen Lexus RX350 (around 2006-2008 ) model and want to know about running costs.

    I've previously had a Lexus IS250, which was a brilliant car. Carried out the basic services myself - Lexus was not too bad with consumables like filters. Other stuff I usually got from Midas, such as brake disc and pads. Nothing really went wrong with the car until I had to get rid of it (due to a small accident). Biggest cost item was water pump done at Lexus around R5k as no one else stocked it at the time. I do recall initially asking for parts such as brake pads and most places said agents only, but after a good few calls, managed to source parts at some Midas branches (particularly the Centurion one) - seems like most other branches are too lazy to even bother checking when you mention Lexus...

    Anyway, I'm now considering a RX350. I'm aware that some components of the platform (particularly the engine) appear to be shared with other Toyota models. However, anyone own a high mileage car and care to share your experience on running costs. I'm fine with doing basic servicing again and taking it to a specialist for other things, like a gearbox or diff oil change, etc.

    Any advise on these cars please from owners. Also, anyone in Gauteng that specialises in these cars (or sourcing parts should I get stuck) - seems most independent workshops are not familiar with Lexus's even though mechanicals are relatively basic under the hood. Guess they are not that common too.

    Thanks in advance
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    Default Re: 2nd Gen Lexus RX350 advise

    I have a 2008 GS and it is brilliant a friend has 2007 RX350 with over 180K on the clock no hassles at all. Lexus service is even pretty reasonable Toyota labour rates and parts seem on par with others. Lexus Fourways are great and usually can take your car the next day. Having owned a Lexus I don't think I want to leave the brand when it comes time to replace. Secondhand they are the best value you can get.

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