After my previous visit to Bush Nest, (being in Pretoria), evaluating his clamshell roof top tent, and having seen the Patrys (trailer/caravan), I seriously started considdering the possibility of rather indulging in the Bush Nest Patrys than the RTT, (elderly couple) especially the two sleeper with build in shower/toilet to accomodate the female camping fraternaty.
Thus my question to the independant community members and owners (even friends whom I can contact) with regards to the Patrys as to help me in making a decision.
What is your general opinion and experience with regards to its practicality, user friendliness whilst camping/towing and whether you change/modify some specifics on the Patrys?
Quality wise, from what I have seen, I have no doubt whatsoever, and am impressed with the way the double dust/water proofing (special extrusion) has been addressed, which due to its design, can allow for a given guarantee by the manufacturer, as well as strengthening the structure and using less material.
Thus having no doubt about its quality, from my point of view, I would like to get some hands on feedback from owners, whether satisfied or not, as to make a decision before I take the leap. Thanks in advance. Rudy