Blocked CAT on Steed 2.8TCI

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    Default Blocked CAT on Steed 2.8TCI

    My 2.8 TCI Steed's power delivery has just not been as good as before in recent months. I done the EGR delete and looked into doing a custom map. I also considered the do the DeCAT and the bakkie will be going on tomorrow to have the CAT's removed and a straight pipe installed.

    Out of curiosity I removed the 2 CAT's (small one just behind turbo and bigger on below driver seat) to see how dirty they were. Must say they looked worse than the EGR when I did the EGR delete. I am pretty sure both must have been 90% blocked.

    Yesterday I cut open the bigger CAT, removed all the inside and welded the empty CAT closed. The smaller one I just gave a proper cleaning and reinstalled both back onto the bakkie.

    The difference it has made is huge. Turbo now spins up a lot sooner and power delivery through the rev range is much better. I wont say it got lots more power but the engine pulls much better with a lot less strain. That horrible lag for the turbo spinning up especially between 2nd and 3rd is much better.

    So taking the bakkie in tomorrow for the proper DeCAT and straight pipe installation.

    Shocking how much a blocked CAT can hamper engine performance.

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    Default Re: Blocked CAT on Steed 2.8TCI

    Could you please post some pics ?


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