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    Default 4JB1T - Overheating / repair / diagnosis?

    Hi guys,

    Need some help here please. FIL seems to have cooked the engine of his Isuzu. What I have so far is that he had a leaking waterpump and somewhere over the past weekend, he had managed to overheat the engine. He checked the water in the radiator prior to leaving the house, but didn't check the expansion bottle. Drove the bakkie hard as he was running a bit late and on way home it seems something has popped. Pulled off and had the bakkie towed home and hasn't started it since.

    Any ideas on where we can start looking to assess possible damage? He is a pensioner, so replacement engine should be the very last option (prior to complete rebuild) oh and because of said pensioner status, him and I will DIY the repair as much as possible (will check in on the forum for advice on the DIY part as well )


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