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Thread: Fiat Ducato

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    Default Fiat Ducato

    Any comments on this vehicle.
    Is it well priced?
    Is it a good vehicle?
    Any pros or cons on this vehicle.
    Would one need a code 10 license and is it easy to get?

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    Default Re: Fiat Ducato

    Hi Marius, only just seen your thread re the Ducato. I have one as well as four other friends. We all have the MH 2's Which as you may know is a panel van. We have all converted them to Camper vans and absolutely love them. It is not high end like the Merc Sprinter or VW Crafter but then again they are quite a bit more expensive. The Fiat base is used in more than 70 percent of all motor homes in Europe which tells you something. I bought my van in Pretoria for R300,000.00 with 1000 k's on the clock. Demo vehicle and drove it to Cape Town - 7.7 l/100km's!! Now with all the additions, cupboards, roof aircon, engel undercounter fridge, micro wave, sink, gas hob etc etc on a long trip i average 8.7l/100 km's.
    I do drive carefully, but also put a bit of foot if the old lady drops off for a while! The engine is an Eveco 2.3 Turbo diesel which is a superb set up and you have a six speed box attached to it. What i have changed is the suspension at a cost of +- R20 000,00 as this vehicle is built for European roads, and we are old 4x4 travellers and tend to wander along some pretty bad roads, The kit is an Alko Comfort Suspension which i ordered from the Alko head office in Vereeniging and they were fantastic with their service. Huge difference in road handling on gravel and minor corrugations. I have done since Jan. 2015 60 000 k's and really enjoy driving this vehicle. You can get good deals going around, but i would try for a demo vehicle. Let me know if you get one. Are you going to convert it or will it be for business?
    Mark Jarvis (Markj)
    1988 SFA Hi Lux c/w home built canopy and all the bits
    2015 Fiat Ducato MH2 Self converted to Camper Van

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    Default Re: Fiat Ducato

    Quote Originally Posted by MariusvdM View Post
    Would one need a code 10 license and is it easy to get?
    valid maximum weight 3190 kg so the answer is NO, a normal B/EB/Code 8 is fine.

    Code 10 starts at 3500kg GVM.
    Jakes Louw
    2012 Jeep Sahara Unlimited 3.6 V6


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