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    Default KISS...check the basics

    I had issues with my old diesel Hilux with overheating under load.

    It has done 410 000km.

    First thought....the waterpump. Radiator had been replaced six months ago as it was kaput. Got one from Alert (R300) and fitted it. Pump was ok but the gasket was dodgy.

    Didn't solve problem. Put on new radiator cap. Nope not solved.

    Went to buy a head gasket, surmising it must be leaking under load, and bought the one thing I didn't think of...a thermostat.

    Pulled old one and threw both into the pot of boiling water. Old one only opened a millimeter or two (insufficient) and new one opened properly all the way.

    I went about it all wrong, fault finding from radiator towards engine was necessary.

    Keep It Simple Stupid

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