After moaning and raving about bribes in another thread before the December holidays, I erred in never bothering to respond after the December holidays. I was really prepared for the worst as far as road blocks and traffic cops. I was indeed stopped several times but each time the people were friendly and polite.

The border post at Komatipoort stayed open 24/7 from early in December till after the 15 of Jan 09 and this made a BIG difference. No congestion of traffic at any stage and although busy at times there were no queues and documentation was quickly processed. Going in on the 10th of Dec took me 25 mins to clear both sides and coming back on the 7th of Jan was the cherry on the cake, 10 mins.
The authorities of both sides worked together and created a one stop border check point. There was a area cordonned off about 5km from the border on the Moz side where you could choose between several tents to go and have your passports stamped. Then you were given an A4 paper with all four stamps (RSA & MOZ) to display in your vehicle's windscreen. Back in the main road you fell in with a convoy, lead by a Traffic Control vehicle that took the convoy right through both borders. The same happened from RSA side where the processing took place at the Komatipoort airport, from where convoys were escorted to the Moz side.
I believe they will do the same over the Easter period.

a South African Customs officer said that the plans are to have a "one stop" Border Post at Komatipoort by 2010. (? ? ? )

Not all is lost in Africa !!! Have faith ! (talking to myself mostly)