Malawi Dcember 2018 returning through Mozambique

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    Good day all
    This is our planned trip for December starting on 9th December for 25 days. Please feel free to advice us on better options and new suggestions regarding our planned trip. We'll be traveling in a Jeep with roof top tent two people

    9/12 Nata safari lodge
    10/12 Senyati (Senyati lodge ( Kasane )
    11/12 Senyati ( boat cruise )
    Border Kasangula into Zambia
    12/12 Maramba river lodge
    13/12 Gwabi river lodge
    14/12 Gwabi river lodge
    15/12 Gwabi river lodge
    16/12 Gwabi river lodge
    17/12 Mamma Rulase (Chipata ) ? 641KM
    Border post into Malawi
    18/12 Chintheche Sunga Moyo
    19/12 Chintheche
    20/12 Ngala
    21/12 Ngala
    22/12 Nanchewa
    23/12 Nanchewa
    24/12 Zomba Forest lodge
    25/12 Zomba
    26/12 Zomba
    Zobue border post Moz
    27/12 Tete ( Private camping at forum member)
    28/12 Chimoi Casa Misika (Tete corridor )
    29/12 Inhasorro Goody Villas
    30/12 Inhasorro
    31/12 Morungulu
    1/1/19 Morrungulu
    2/1 /19 Chindenquellele Sunset beach lodge
    3/1/19 Kruger (Letaba )
    4/1/19 Home ( Randburg )

    We'll Appreciate any suggestions planned trip

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    Default Re: Malawi Dcember 2018 returning through Mozambique

    I think 3 days in the Zomba region will be too long. Zomba mountain reserve still has some nice areas, but it is quite intensively de-forested now. If you are keen on climbing then Mulanje would be a better bet. Another option could be the Cape Maclear area, there are plenty of accommodation options there, just beware of the bilharzia, best to take the tablets after 6 weeks.
    We lived just down the road from Ngala for 15 years at the Illovo Sugar factory, Ngala was a great place then, hopefully still is. Visit the Illovo village - Kasasa - and call in at the clubhouse. The beers are always cold and they do a mean chicken and chips.
    December could mean lots of rain, so be prepared.
    There are several useful places for vehicle repairs if they are needed, let me know if you need any info.
    It was one of the best times of our lives in Malawi, and I hope that you enjoy your visit to "The warm heart of Africa".

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    Default Re: Malawi Dcember 2018 returning through Mozambique

    Gwabi river lodge to Mamma Rulas at Chipata is not doable in a day, IMHO. Unless you find Lusaka completely deserted with no traffic jams. Lungwa Bridge camp or maybe somwhere around Petuake is more realistic goal for that day.
    24 hours in a day.... 24 beer in a case.... Coincidence?
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    The Lower Zambezi to Chipata in one day is definitely not possible. It would be best to plan to overnight in Lusaka (Pioneer Camp on the eastern side of Lusaka).

    Is the Lower Zambezi open during the Zambian rainy season?

    I also agree that Zomba, Malawi (although a lovely plateau and blissfully cool compared to the shores of the lake) is not worth more than two nights.

    Mt Mulanje (Malawi’s “Island in the Sky”) is beautiful and not to be missed: not only the mountain, but also the tea estates. Also blissfully cool in comparison. We were in Malawi in November 2014 (“suicide month” before the rains broke) and we had to retreat from the intense heat and humidity on the lake to the higher mountain areas. Much like the early missionaries after most of them died of malaria...

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    Thank you very much for the feed back so far. I appreciate it. I thought the road to Chipata would be to much for one day and will find a place to sleep over in between. Anybody knows a nice place to stay over at Mt Mulanje. It sounds like a very nice area. What do you guys think of the road through Mozambique. Is it safe to travel from Zobue border to Inhasorrow and what is the road condition like ?
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