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    Thanks to god I only speak the mother tongue and have know idea what your daughter said

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    Quote Originally Posted by tripodontour View Post
    OK so this is my system, yes I know it is a bit messy.

    2500w PV going to the 5kva inverter
    3000x going to the battery controller
    Everything protected by double pole trips and fuses
    my normal draw during the day is about 2000w. so in theory my system should be able to cope with the irrigation, but on start up it goes straight to Zesco (eskom) in your part of the world and then stays on mains for the duration.
    Am I expecting too much from my system.

    I am planning to add more panels and another inverter in the future, but I would like to get the potential out of my current system.

    The battery bank is 4x 260 amp hour, running 48v
    Unfortunately you are screwed. The Axpert, while connected to the grid, is not grid tied.

    But itís not all bad, if you donít mind the change over to Eskom, then the pump is being powered by Eskom, and not the batteries, which would be a BAD thing. Secondly, if this happens when the sun shines, then the PV will charge the batteries nicely, which is a good thing.

    You need to be super carefull with the battery settings in your setup, it has the potential to chew batteries if incorrectly configured.

    3 V8's
    A V6 and an inline 4

    The frogs are starting to notice that the water is getting warm but it is already too hot to do anything about it.....

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    The pump is a 1.5kw with a max draw on start up of 2.7kw.

    start current is usually between 3 - 5times the run current. a 0.75kW pump should be able to start off of your inverter, provided no other load is connected during pump startup.
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