Metallion - Fortuner LED Brake lights issue

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    Default Metallion - Fortuner LED Brake lights issue

    I have 2.8L GD6 4x4 Fortuner and have recently bought a 2nd hand 2012 Metalian trailer. The trailer has the round LED truck lights on the back. When I took the trailer in for RWD, the guys noticed that when the car night lights are on, the brake lights don't burn brighter when you brake. I have had the car tested at a Caravan place, and the signals from the car through the socket are all OK. On the trailer, the indicators, brake lights and night lights all work perfectly. Its just the brake lights won't go on when the night lights are on. I have no idea what the problem is, and who can fix it? Perhaps a Japaneese-Afrikaans translation module. But seriously, where do I go from here to fix it? Toyota? Autoelectrician? (Metalian have not heard of this problem before and could not help.)

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    Default Re: Metallion - Fortuner LED Brake lights issue

    Sorry this was not brought to my attention and I read this here for the first time.

    If the trailer is plugged into another vehicle, does everything work 100%? If yes, tr plugging in to another GD6 and see if the problem is the same. If so, call me and I'll assist you further. 082 650 9636.


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