New here and need advice on what bakkie to buy

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    Default New here and need advice on what bakkie to buy

    Hey guys,

    I'm new here and was hoping that I could get some opinions on my next purchase.

    I know I could just ask on their forums, which I have, but I'd love some insight from you guys too, just in case Australia doesn't work out.

    I'm not new to 4x4ing and have owned a Suzuki Samurai and a Isuzu KB250 the last time I was in Oz. I'll be using it to go camping after running some trails. Nothing hectic, but a soft 4x4 wouldn't work either. I want a double cab and diesel, preferably.

    I may be moving over to Australia soon which is more or less dictating my budget so I'm looking at spending less than $10k, which gives me the below options:

    My choices are the 96-04 Mitsubishi Colt (or older), 1997 onward Hardbody, and the 2005 or younger Hilux. I don't really want to consider the Isuzu because they don't offer lockers for them (I've heard) and that could be an option for me in the future. The Fords/Mazdas are also not really known for keeping their head gaskets happy and their fifth gears aren't too reliable either.

    My favourite is the Hilux, but they cost a lot more...

    Some picture of the zook for entertainment

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: New here and need advice on what bakkie to buy

    Also, if someone could direct me to a write-up or article or anything, that would be great and highly appreciated! Can't really seem to find anything substantial...surely there have been comparisons?

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    Default Re: New here and need advice on what bakkie to buy

    Don't be in a rush. With the price of petrol and diesel today and future increases.

    THERE ARE going to be good bargains out there in RSA. (as long as you can afford the fuel.)

    You can't go wrong with Toyota.
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    Default Re: New here and need advice on what bakkie to buy

    Thanks K-9.

    No worries, I won't be in a rush. This will only be an option in a few months, at best. I like to do a lot of research ahead of time. It has a lot to do with my potential move too.

    The way petrol prices are going up here, I will also consider buying another Zook if I stay in SA.

    Though, at this point my move is nearly decided.

    I appreciate your advice. I do like the Hilux.

    PS...I read up that @Barto aka Zantus has a build thread on a Triton (Colt). Does anyone have the link?


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