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    Thumbs up Exceptional Service -- Overlandworx

    This is my first post on the forum, bare with me

    Growing up in a Defender 130 TDi and travelling through Southern-Africa with my dad gave me an irrational love for Defenders. Well fast forward 20 years and I am now the proud owner of a Defender 90 300TDi. I bought the vehicle with 448,000km on it, which wasn't a turn off as my Dad's Defender has 500,000km + on the clock, is two years younger, with daily farm road driving and no major issues. But 90's engine sounded like a tractor, initially we though it was the exhaust manifold, but due to time, $$$ (I'm a Phd student) and the Defender not giving problems I left it at that.

    Finally one day I had to pick some professor up from the airport and I decided to take a detour to the Land Rover workshop that did the servicing of my Defender sometime in the past. I called a day ahead and asked if I could come around, I went there and it seemed like I was just inconveniencing them. I was disappointed as I was pretty excited to talk to someone about my Land Rover and maybe get some advice, but I'll leave it at that.

    I then remembered reading about Overlandworx on the forum here and decided to just drive there and see if anyone would be willing to assist me unannounced. I don't know much about workshops but I was taken aback by the professional setup at Overlandworx as I arrived. I met Mr Peter and he was exceptionally kind and helpful and I later took it back for a bumper to bumper check. This week, I finally managed to take my Land Rover in still not knowing if it was the manifold, or something more serious, but Mr Peter warned me to prepare for the worst and I did. Fast forward 48hours I receive a call that my Defender is fixed and ready for collection. The tractor sound is gone which turned out to be a broken rocker shaft. I've never been happier and my defender sounds like a "platkar" - very quiet

    I just wanted to say thanks here for the team at Overlandworx, for being helpful, friendly and very professional.

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