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Hello Blackie

No reason, the tyres in the poll were just the ones offered to me by the places closest to me, but there is now a twist in the tale. I submitted my details on Minty's website for a quote, and not even 10 minutes later, just as I was about to type this response, I got a call from the Pretoria branch. The can give me Grabber AT3 tyres at R1 750 per tyre, fitment and balancing included. Also on offer was Nexen tyres at something like R1 300 per tyre, can't remember the exact amount, as well as Continentals at R1 760 each.

Now I've got even more to think about.
No issue, was just wondering, as I fitted the AT3's upon good advice, have now done about 15K kms already and is extremely happy with them, low road noise, good traction in both wet and dry, no uneven wear, no heal and toe wear, giving a very comfortable drive. If you can get them at a competitive price, I will not hesitate to go for them.