Defender steering box seal replacement

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    Default Defender steering box seal replacement

    Hi all.

    I have recently discovered a leaky bottom seal on my td5 Defender steeringbox. It was fine since I bought the vehicle 3years ago and then started leaking about a month ago.

    I know the general consensus is that it it better to replace the box or get the shaft re-chromed. As it has only started leaking recently I don't think the shaft could be badly worn (just a guess) and I would like to try and replace the seal to see if it works or if it can at least buy me some time.

    I bought the lower seal kit and would like to know if it's possible to do it in-situ?

    will appreciate any tips or instructions on doing this.

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    Default Re: Defender steering box seal replacement

    Don't think it is possible. Removing the drop arm is very difficult.
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    Default Re: Defender steering box seal replacement

    Hi Theo
    i had a similar issue with my box , an easy fix which may work is try tapping the metal washer oring upwards ..that solved my problem.
    i found that fix on the net ..worth a try beforechanging box

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    Default Re: Defender steering box seal replacement

    Just had to do mine as well. The seal at the bottom is a High pressure seal, and the seal itself will actually wear a groove into the shaft. The seal itself cannot be replaced without removing the shaft. ie the seal needs to be positioned in the casing and then the shaft pushed through the seal. You can try and remove the drop arm but I suggest you safe the time and take an angle grinder to it and pay the r300 for a replacement. You will need a 4 ton puller to remove it, if it has not been removed before.I tried the short cut to just replace the seal kit. It does not work.
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