I was out there yesterday, but a bit earlier than usual and the shadows was in the middle of the work area afterwards so that I could not take usable pictures.
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I finished the entry at the top of the pass.
I did some work further down as well.

I plan to drive through over the top this evening, so will have less time to work, but I wabt to test out my "new" hammer.
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I found this old hammer head a few years ago while clearing out an old scrap yard on the farm. I didn't want to borrow the workshop sledge all the time, so thought about fixing this one up. The eye is small though and a wooden handle that would fit through it would not stand the abuse that I will put it through, so I got a plastic handle with a fiberglass core that I could slim down.
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I don't like the fibreglas handles, I have broken a few, but this should hold for a while.