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You have a very very good DAM (digital asset management) system in place.

Thanks Groen Hoender - I only just saw this post, I will look at the link you sent - thanks. I have 4 external drives with photo's. But my problem is keeping them all up to date. I am doing a lot of deleting and sorting at the moment and 5 gigs of photos take a long time to back up. When I chatted to Andre at Apple Solution Experts (received excellent service) he said he would set my computer up so that my ext drives would automatically update only the changes made.

I think I know what the Apple technician meant: probably TimeMachine with some scripting. I don't like it - although it works.

I prefer a NAS system myself - either Drobo or Synology. One can get units that contain upto 4 HDD's linked in RAID which means one essentially make backups to 2x HDD's (and the Drobo/Synology backup these automatically to 2 others). Very convient and easy, especially if one change or edit photos a lot.