CTEK Charger Prices to Forum members

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    Default CTEK Charger Prices to Forum members

    Hi All

    as most of you know by now, aside from having helped many forumites with service/information/warranty issues encountered in the past, I am also an officially appointed distributor for CTEK, which means that this is a one stop operation.

    Aside from offering probably the best pricing for CTEK to forum members, I can also directly handle all warranty issues. Helped a few members on this forum who didn't buy from us with warranty issues.

    So before you venture out to buy a charger, pm me for the current forum pricing. You will find it lower than at any of the other outlets.

    Don't forget to include your email address with your pm.

    Looking forward to be of continued assistance to this forum!
    George Bosch
    2003 RangeRover Vogue 3.0 Td6 (Mine) / 2005 LR Disco3 TDV6 S (Swambo's) / 1998 Disco1 Tdi ES (Sold) / And some more serious stuff

    Distributor for:

    Special offers for 4X4community forum members on CTEK! Send PM with your email address for details

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    Default Re: CTEK Charger Prices to Forum members

    Hi George,

    I am looking to fit an auxiliary 105ah battery into my trailer to run the Weekender fridge / freezer and some led lights. I would like to be able to plug into 220v in a caravan park, or 100w solar panel when remote.

    What charger do you recommend and what is your price?

    You can email me at: [email protected]

    Kind regards,


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