My Gen 3 Pajero DiD seems to have a strange set of problems. Perhaps they are related.

  1. The battery, oil level, A/T Temp and water trap light stays on for quite a while after pulling off in the mornings. They sometimes flash briefly when driving, other times when coming to a stop. No other symptoms.
  2. Twice this year the battery could not turn the motor. The National Luna (NL) dual battery controller showed that the main battery was totally flat. I could start the car by linking the two batteries, but minutes later the display showed that the main battery was fully charged again.
  3. At times the NL alarm comes on when driving showing that the main battery is flat, but the car starts easily. I have now disconnected the alarm.

I have replaced both batteries and and had the charging system checked out by Delco. But the problem still remains. What do you think it is?