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    Default Landy or Pajero

    Hi everyone

    I'm in a dilemma,
    Ive never owned a 4x4 and so this is a big decision.
    Ive test driven a landy 110 300 tdi kalahari and a 3.2DiD Pajero,
    my first choice is/was the landy because I've always wanted one.
    On the test drive the landy went well, took note that nothing sounded out of the ordinary and enjoyed it. Had a mechanic mate look it over and he was impressed with the body but said the engine had a big oil leak (something about sweating from somewhere), also that the diff sounded like it had a small whine, he reckons that it will take about 20k to make right from his brief inspection.
    The Pajero is a 2007 3.2 DiD GLX, goes well and obviously has more comfort and features, it will be my daily runner(15km per day to work and back).
    As far as my limited knowledge goes, the landy engine should be cheaper to fix if anything major goes wrong because of the lack of electronics, the Pajero has a service history with agents and non agents.

    The reason for the "upgrade" to 4x4 is that it gives us a wider spectrum of adventure, (the wife, son and I all rock climb, hike, mountain climb, camp etc).

    Ive read many threads on the forum but all its done is confuse me more.

    Your unbaised () views and opinions will be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Landy or Pajero

    The Pajero. And I'm a nut over defenders. Why? Because I doubt the Paj will ever break.
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    Default Re: Landy or Pajero

    Read my sig and check out my journey 5 years ago
    Lusted for a Landy but the Pajero was sexier and bigger in the right departments, just like my Missus.

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    Default Re: Landy or Pajero

    I always feel that if you have to ask the question: "Defender or (whatever) vehicle?", then rather go for the other vehicle.

    You drive a Defender because you want a Defender and nothing else.
    No amount of arguing Pro's and Con's will ever convince you that the Defender is the better buy.

    If you go for the Defender you drive it with a smile and except it "warts-and-all".

    Quote Originally Posted by jelo View Post
    The Pajero. And I'm a nut over defenders. Why? Because I doubt the Paj will ever break.
    The Paj is a great vehicle, just know the issue with OME parts and the long wait....and they do break...just ask my travel buddy...

    Ps...I have a Defender 90 and Series III I drive daily.
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