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    Good day Sea2Sand

    If I may I would like to give my opinion as well, as I am currently a guide at one of the lodges in the Greater Kruger National Park. Just a couple of things to think about:

    1: The guiding industry is currently evolving into a more career based opportunity than just a mere job like it was 10-15 years ago. Yes there are still some lodges that has a high turn over of guides. Anything from 6 months to 2 years is considered the norm at most lodges. The place I work at has a career approach to guiding which is wonderful. I have been there for 2 years and second to me is another guide that has been there for 8 years. The rest of the team has been working at this property anything from 10 - 19 years.

    2: I'm not sure about your age and if you have any big family or financial responsibilities, but the industry standard is to either work for 3 weeks and have 1 week of leave or 6 weeks work with 2 weeks of leave. That seems to be the cycle that a lot of proporties work on. If like me you would to live your dream and earn a half decent living, you need to work for one of the top end lodges. If you would like only live your dream and do real wilderness work, then maybe become a trails guide in the Kruger National Park.

    3: The above mentioned training providers are very good (Eco training and those guys). However they are quite expensive. If money is not a problem then I will highly recommend them. One thing I will say is that you should also consider doing an apprenticeship with one of the high end lodges. If you survive their 'character week' they will put you into their training program and pay for your studies, exams and practicals. If all goes well from there they might offer you a job at the lodge. (This is just some food for thought).

    4: If you havent already, go to the FGASA office in Randburg and go speak to Brian, the former MD of FGASA, or Michelle, the current MD. They will give you great info on how to shape your career as a guide.

    I hope this helps a bit.


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    I know people who are field guides who do pretty ok. It doesn't have to be limited to guiding at a lodge, you can start looking at taking out your own tours as well or branch out into other aspects such as game farming or game capture perhaps. Becoming a ranger for say Sanparks is not always easy it is very hard to get into a place like Kruger, some people try for many years. If you want to become a scientist at Sanparks prepare for many years of study. A fortunate handful will end up in a place like Kruger and most will have as a minimum a Msc, many or maybe even most a Phd.

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