IS this possible?

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    Default IS this possible?

    I have a FJ 2013 Model with OEM specified tyres, Dunlop AT22's, according to the manufacture date on the tyres sidewalls they were made in week 22 of 2013,the vehicle was first registered in October 2013.The question I need to ask as I cannot believe the logic I am seeing is: Is it possible for a set of tyres, excluding the spare which also has the same date of manufacture, to last 100000km?the spare has never been on the car as it still has the pieppies of the air escape holes present.I purchased the car in Feb this year so cannot state when tyres were changed, however , how co-incidently would it be that during the cars lifetime a set of tyres were replaced with a manufacture date of week 22 2013, if I was to assume tyres were replaced around 60000k'sif this is genuine mileage obtained from this set of tyres, I will definitely buy a new set.

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    Must guys replace those dunflops when they purchase the car, so maybe it was stored somewhere. Not demand for those tyres either.

    I think I has done about 90 k km with those tyres rotating with all 5.

    I have tyres that are 10 years old under trailers, and it is still works even with some heavy loading once a while.
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    Let me put it this way:

    It isn't impossible. Though unlikely.

    A lot of Tyredealers (especially those with deep pockets) tend to make a 'bulk deal' with tyre manufacturers. Sometimes tyre manufacturers have over runs which they sell at special prices. These guys buy a truck full of tyres at a time. Seeing as that size isn't too popular, it could've been lying in a container for a year or two before fitment. Not everybody is vigilant about tyre dates.

    But, rotating often, doing alignment regularly, and finding the magic zone for tyre pressures it could give 100k.
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    Default Re: IS this possible?

    My guess would be that the original owner took the tyres and rims off and put others on and before selling, put the originals back again.

    With the weight of an FJ and it being Dunlops, highly unlikely.
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    Default Re: IS this possible?

    This is probably the most likely answer to the question. Referring to post number 4 above.

    I took mine off the FJ after 4000km and also stored for a couple years (thinking I will put them back on when/if I sell the FJ) before realizing they might be worth nothing soon if the general shelf life expires or gets close to that, so I sold them to an Amorok owner at an agreed price. Still have the FJ six years later
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