Hi Guys

Need advice/opinions please.

in October Me and SWAMBO are driving from The cape to Pretoria via Maseru. And I need to find out what my options are.

We have to be in Maseru the 13th October for a wine festival and in Pretoria on the 18th for SIL wedding prep the 20th. Looking for Route options from Maseru to Pretoria seeing a bit of Lesotho like Katse dam and maybe Sani pass and maybe 9 holes at cathedral peak as I am a distance member there or drive through clarens. I have a few questions? Can either drive with the Petrol Pajero or the Toyota C-hr. Pajero gives me 4x4 options but the C-hr will be better for the budget and is a nicer drive on tar roads.

1. Will I be able/allowed to come down SANI on SA side in the C-hr if the weather is good? (see there is a thread about 2x4 not allowed up?)
2. How much time should be allocated for driving SANI pass?
3. If not what are interesting/pretty route options from Katse to Cathedral peak or Clarens?
4. Worth it to just take the Pajero instead?

Been to Maseru a few times but no further.