VW Amarok roof leak - Anyone with same issue?

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    Default VW Amarok roof leak - Anyone with same issue?

    My 2012 Amarok roof leaked the other night after steady rain and I have a feeling it's coming from where my roof racks are bolted on. It's only coming through the drivers side for now. It could also be coming from under the roof gutter strips. Maybe a bit of rust has formed from constantly loading my fishing kayak on the drivers side and maybe dripping salt water over a number of years. I do rinse the roof rails especially everytime but over time the salt would eventually start taking it's toll there I'm sure.

    Do the roof rails come off easily? That would be a start.


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    Default Re: VW Amarok roof leak - Anyone with same issue?

    I recently move my Thule load bars from the Amarok back to the Disco. It is a 15 minute job to move it, and probably much less if you just want to remove it. The Rok has fixing points where the roof rack supports can bolt into. Basically a hole with thread. As to whether this can cause rust and a leak, I'm unfortunately not sure.

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