Transmission Noise - Amarok 2011 120KW 4motion, and

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    Default Transmission Noise - Amarok 2011 120KW 4motion

    Good day,

    My Amarok had a LUK clutch and flywheel replacement 2000km ago. Recently Ive noticed when arriving home that while I am in 1st gear, clutch peddel pressed down and rolling backwards to straighten out there is a strange grinding noise.

    Also did a test within a parking lot. In 1st gear, high revs and no acceleration - as soon as the clutch is pressed in the grinding noise appears. Same happens in 2nd, but not in 3rd gear.

    Interesting, this is my second clutch kit replacement in 6000km since the first clutch replacement had a horrible vibration on the clutch pedal and struggled to engage 1st gear.

    Current mileage is 132000km.

    Any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance
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