Conqueror Commander or Companion? Owner review

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    Hello folks, I hope this article is useful, it certainly will be if you are twixt and tween a Commander or Companion camping trailer and/or considering a new camping trailer. By way of background we have been camping for many years, our experiences range from a few rooftops; many tents; a caravan, a simple trailer and then more recently, no less then three Conqueror products. Our/my experiences started with just a few camping trips as a child, many, many weeks under the pleasure of PW Botha and the green berets of the SANDF infantry until the past ten or so years travelling with family.

    The elephant in the room
    Fact: Metal corrodes or rusts. Conqueror products are (mostly) made up of galvanized and powder coated metals. If you live along the coast you will need to and can prevent rust by (a) storing your van indoors; under cover and/or by using a cover. (b) Choose the stainless steel accessory options (latches etc) now on offer (c) Wash your trailer well and spray potential rust spots with silicone spray or similar (d) before storage/between trips, lightly sand any blisters or rust spots, stone chips etc and touch these up with red-oxide or a similar rust preventative, climb right underneath, check there as well. If you do this, you are assured of longer life and a high resale value. Conqueror have taken many steps recently to address this matter with stainless steel accessories as standard and a new range of door-locks. Many rust issues seem to arise at the welds. The smaller panel construction and the use of high quality adhesives do however give Conqueror (in my opinion) a far more robust design than most trailers - this enables them to handle the twists and turns of serious off-road use and expansion/contraction far better than most. Whether this toughness is compensation for the rust issues - I am not sure to be frank. Remember though that wood and fibre-glass have their own issues, as does the use of larger panels with perhaps less flexibility. Make up your own mind .

    Pro's and cons Commander versus Companion
    For in depth specs and details of each, rather go to the Conqueror site itself, I intend merely focusing on the differences as we have experienced them. Let me start by saying that they are both well designed, robust and very practical trailers. We, without doubt, will recommend either as a good choice but if we simply HAVE TO be definitive we would go for the Companion. (a) The food storage area and storage in general of the Commander is not as good as the Companion. The latter has far better storage in and around the kitchen as well as four ammo-boxes on the opposite sides. For an add-on of approximately R 4500, we chose a drawer system in pace of the ammo-boxes. (b) Despite what the specs indicate, we find the Companion feels a little lighter and sits better behind the vehicle when towing. Be advised that both these trailers (as with any trailer of this magnitude) are heavy. Get advice and give due consideration to the regulations and your own vehicles ability. If you're one who wants to get to your destination with a full load and your family at an average speed of say 100 kph (excluding town driving) you will need to have a lot of horses under the bonnet. (c) Set up (with only one side-tent) takes less time in the Commander and if you are physically impaired, the main bed in the interior of the Commander is easier to access than the two side-style tents of the Companion. The Companions nose-tent (the larger of the two) also ends up with a low ridge on the roof which takes some agility to navigate. (D) We opted for a 270 deg insta-awning, the type that one opens up easily on hinges. This costs some R 12k more than the standard awning option but it really does simplify the set-up. This is available for both trailers and highly recommended. (E) The other difference is the Commanders' shower is on the side with a "shower room/awning" which in our opinion was always over-kill and rarely if ever set up. The Companions' is a "one-man" cubicle attached to the rear wheel arm. short and sweet and an easier set up. (F) The Commander has three handy storage areas being two cubby-holes on either side (lower) and a 'rack" at the top rear. These are handy for wood; tools and other grubby things, these are not present on the Companion, our wood ends up on the vehicles roof rack instead. Mods: Conqueror themselves have added some mods and improved their products over the years, especially when it comes to lighting. The best addition we have ever made is the purchase of a solar (2 x 80w) and a DC/DC charger. The latter ensures better charging from your vehicle while travelling and the panel allows one to camp where there is no power without any difficulty. We don't really enjoy the two stabilizer legs at the back, I feel that Conquer could improve these by using a dual purpose leg which could also serve as a leveling device. We have (of course) added a coffee machine. Please see my own website/url and you will see why
    Are you an owner?: I invite any Commander and Companion owners to add to this post and any Newbies to send along any questions you might have. It would be nice to learn about your own mods as well.
    Happy camping folks, summer is around the corner!
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