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    Default Flashing LED'S

    I am sure this was asked before Getting the old and new to work together
    My trailer has LED tail lights and this worked fine with my Cruiser.

    I now have a Touareg and the LED'S now hyper flash. To correct this do i fit two single element tail light globes in parallel with the LED'S or would a 25 to 30 watt resistor fitted parallel do the trick

    I can live with the flashing but would like the system to work correctly. Would resetting programing solve this

    Please advise me to what to do
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    Default Re: Flashing LED'S

    I assume it is with Bush Lapa??
    BL only fit 5-wire cable, and common the rear lights.
    Modern vehicles like to check rear lights separately.
    Had similar problem with Amarok.

    I partly replaced 5-wire with 7-wire cable (only version I could get), split wires to the rear lights inside the back of caravan, and ran the one extra wire from underneath through a small hole in the floor.

    In the past the indicator lamps (left or right) in the dash ran at high revs, but at the back of caravan it was actually normal.
    (My Venter trailer does not give this problem, because cable is 6- or 7- wire.)
    Now the dash lamps are normal, except for an orange lamp in the dash which is constantly on.
    I assume that is for the 7th pin that should be connected to a reverse light or fog light or??

    Now I live with it as is.
    Maybe this helps to find some solution ??
    Herman Meyer.

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