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    Default Re: What are good tyres for a AWD Softroader that hardly ever goes off road?

    Pirelli or Michelin
    Isuzu Frontier 280LX 4x4 2001

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    Default Re: What are good tyres for a AWD Softroader that hardly ever goes off road?

    Quote Originally Posted by Skylark View Post
    Do the Dynapro ATM have white lettering on the sidewalls?

    Seen some vehicles with them and they do but probably just the owners using a paint pen.

    How fuel efficient are the Dynapro's?

    Road noise on them doesn't seem to be a problem from the reviews I've read.
    The two sets I've bought had white lettering on the one side and black on the other, so you just mount them which ever way you want. They are omni-directional so it does not matter which way they rotate.

    Compared to the Conti HT tyres my Freelander 2 came out with, there was no difference in fuel consumption. Maybe tiny, but too small to call it.
    Compared to other AT tyres I've owned, which are Duellers, Yokohama G012 and GoodYear Wranglers, I rate the Hankooks superior all round. On my Fortuner they lasted the full promised 80 000km, more than double the Duellers.

    Indeed road noise is very low, on smooth tar, in both the Fortuner and Freelander 2, you could not hear the tyres at all.

    Be aware like most AT tyres, the Hankooks have a thin sidewall. In 99% of normal driving, this needs no additional care. Only when off road need you be extra careful not to destroy the sidewall against a rock or such.

    Lastly, I respectfully disagree with those saying fit HT tyres. Road conditions are often not perfect, and an AT tyre is just that little bit more robust. Also, even if you go off road only once, you will regret not having AT tyres, as HT likes to slip and slide on loose or muddy ground where an AT will simply grip and be drama free. Modern AT tyres are so good that the real world benefits I've mentioned far outweighs the minor drawbacks of increased noise, fuel consumption and price, if any.
    Just because we differ does not make either one of us wrong.

    I like most things with wheels...

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