High left jack vs Air jack

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    Default High left jack vs Air jack

    After the recent post on the new ARB high lift jack and the response the post received I thought I would test the waters.

    I recently acquired OME suspension for the Fortuner, which aided in quite a lift. Subsequent to this I now find myself in the market for a new "higher" capability jack (and for due to the fact that the standard OEM one isn't great).

    I know that there are many guys that swear by the old-school (red) high lift jacks; whether it be for its looks or capabilities might be a different discussion.

    For my application, and for the issue of safety, I have been considering getting an Air jack - Takla has caught my eye (http://www.takla.co.za/products/takla-air-jacks/).

    I would like to know, costs aside, hich would be the best and safest solution in my specific application (pretty much stock Fortuner with OME Nitro suspension)?

    I welcome your input and the experience you've had with these two jack options. Even more so with those who have owned/used both.



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    Default Re: High left jack vs Air jack

    I have looked at, handled and watched other people use a high lift jack.

    I won't use one, simply for the reason that I am too clumsy. I have an air lift jack and take it with me on trips, I have never had cause to use it, but like all of my gear I have used it in practice and feel confident in what I can or cannot achieve.

    I first tried it on my trailer, then went onto a little car and then the 4x4. Mine only works off the exhaust and each time I achieved the lift I wanted and in a controlled manner. If I was to buy again I would buy one that could run off a compressor as well as the exhaust.
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    Default Re: High left jack vs Air jack

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    Default Re: High left jack vs Air jack

    What's your application? HiLift jacks are for use in recoveries and extractions in extreme offroad and overland situations, for saving lives in an accident, for winching, for de-beading tyres - they are high value tools that have to be used very carefully and by people who know exactly what they are doing. Used in the wrong way, they can be lethal.

    Air bag jacks are bulky and pre-suppose that there is space to get the jack under the vehicle, which doesn't always apply when you've eg bogged in cotton mud in Zambia, or dropped into an aardvark hole in Namibia.

    The jack I use the most is my bottle jack from Midas. But I have got out of some very bad situations in very remote areas using a HiLift jack.
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    Default Re: High left jack vs Air jack

    Riaan, in your position I would buy a Hi-Lift Jack, together with the Wheel Buddy accessory and take a decent course to learn how to use it safely.
    The Wheel Buddy attaches to your wheels and removes the need for special Hi-Lift Jack jacking points or special bumpers.

    However if you do not intend exploring the road less traveled there is no need for either of the two jacks.
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    Default Re: High left jack vs Air jack

    Riaan - together with the Hi Lift Jack Buddy I would suggest a folding jack stand to lower the wheel onto in order to change the wheel.
    To get the extra height with a spacer kit on my Suzuki GV I carry a block of wood and place it under the baseplate of the standard jack.
    For stability the block of wood has a larger footprint than the baseplate.

    Simplest solution I could find.
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