Truck Routes needed to keep our roads safe

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    Default Truck Routes needed to keep our roads safe

    I returned home from Joburg yesterday evening and got to thinking.
    The alternative route via Schoeman's Kloof from Mashadadorp to Nelspruit should be a light vehicle only route. The main route through Waterval Onder should be for trucks.
    Last night there were a lot of trucks on Schoeman's Kloof which are a major pain on the twisty and hilly road, but that's not the big problem. No fewer than 5 idiots on 5 different occasions got impatient and decided to risk the lives of everybody else by overtaking on solid white lines with blind corners. One of the jerks overtook 6 cars and 2 trucks on a blind corner in one go.
    I know these kind of people will always be mentally retarded, but without trucks just maybe the traffic will move fast enough that they don't get so impatient. The problem is so many of them walk amongst us.
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    Default Re: Truck Routes needed to keep our roads safe

    We need working railway. Just now travelling 200 km/h, restaurant, wifi and all
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    Default Re: Truck Routes needed to keep our roads safe

    I have been just as gatvol for the trucks in schoemanskloof.

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    Default Re: Truck Routes needed to keep our roads safe

    SA use to have reasonably decent rail transport from the major coastal cities inland

    The quality of that went down the drain so now everyone with a truck is making money bringing things down and taking them back up.

    Fix the rail system and get proper transport running and the roads would be less congested with trucks

    But that won't happen since in SA we can buy R600million worth of trains that is un usable in SA as long as the correct people gets kick backs
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    Default Re: Truck Routes needed to keep our roads safe

    My company imports all the products that we sell.

    Yes we need rail.

    What many should also be aware of is that companies cannot wait 2 weeks for goods to arrive from Durban to Joburg via rail. Also rail freight of higher value goods isnít safe. They break into the containers while the trains are en route without the trains even stopping and steal your stuff out.


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