TOYOTA 22R timing

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    Default TOYOTA 22R timing

    Good evening does anyone have the correct procedure to set the timing
    Vehicle is misfiring and not idling
    Please help

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    Default Re: TOYOTA 22R timing

    Cam timing or ignition timing.
    Either way even with the ignition timing out a few degreees it should not missfire - I think you need to isolate that first and fix the issue.
    Anyways ignition timing you can pull the vacuum line off the distributor and set the ignition timing to around 6-10 degree TDC.
    that will make it run without problems but the best timing is set on a dyno where it make the most power.
    To find the miss - pull the plug leads one at a time and see on which cylinder it makes no difference.
    Then swop plug and or lead and see if any of that makes a difference.
    If not then compression test.
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