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So; yesterday I was reminded how effective Pepper Balls are.

Somehow a single Pepper Ball escaped from its packaging, and ended been ground between a door and the office floor, late Friday, as we locked up.

During the course of Monday morning one of our Team members, Tshidiso started with a cough and sneezing fit. I was about to send her home (My philosophy is: If you are sick get better; do not come to work and make us all sick)

She complained that something was tickling her throat and irritating her sinuses. I checked, and yes, I got that ‘sharp’ sensation in my nose and “that” tickle in my throat.

Simply by our movement in the office we had disturbed the Pepper dust on the floor. Each staff member that arrived shortly was also coughing and sneezing.

I drew some Dromex Fp3 Masks from our store, and swept down the area, then mopped it and to be sure then sprayed some a can of Swat Pepper spray Neutraliser/Decontaminant over the floor and then mopped it again.

Proof again that Pepper Balls are effective as AREA weapons and against Specific targets. If you hit the target they are going to hurt AND be affected by the Pepper. If you miss then the area becomes contaminated anyway.

Highly effective against unruly crowd and clearing buildings or neutralising barricaded suspects.

Please Note: TacQM does NOT advise that Pepperball systems be employed in situations where Lethal Force may be needed. The right tool for the right job.

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