I got an Kia Grand Sportage 1999 with 2.0 fe-dohc engine, Older woman had it since 2011, before that an old guy since new so iím the 3rd owner, This car was barely used in salt so rust is little to none. It was on North side of my country (iceland) and they donít salt the roads there, I got this car for 330usd (bargain) since i could sell it for 2000/2500usd easily. But i like this car. 4x2 with 4x4Hi and 4Lo.

I was thinking lifting it and put 32 inch tires, but iím afraid this 128hp engine power wont be enough, power band starts high as 5400 rpm! Being automatic doesnít help. But iíve read electric fan conversion can help with minimal gain. Has anybody here experince with lifted Sportage on 32 tires? Iíll mostly do rocks, gravel, snow and maybe some water crossing.