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And that's probably why the Autolocks have also failed. They are probably all gunge'd up and can't function anymore, hell that even happens to manual hubs if they are not used and services now and again. If Jelo and I are right, there was nothing you could have done to avoid this, besides stripping the diff prior to an offroad excursion.. and who does that Just be "happy" this happened now, close to home, instead of out in the bush hundreds/thousands of km from help. I had the same concern when I purchased my van. Thought I was doing so well when the salesman told me it's never been offroad. Lucky he was a lair. I had it for nearly a year, when this great forum told me of my pending problem. The very next weekend, myself and my Brother In Law took a drive down Robert Broom Drive and selected 4L.

Good luck getting your truck sorted. Will be watching to see what the outcome is.
This weekend im supposed to be cruising to Gabarone.

So yeah. counting my lucky stars it happened this side of the world