Hi All, Just a quick introduction. Been learning day in and day out from all the knowledge that is freely shared since i first visited this community in 2014. I know my bad for the late introduction. My addiction started when I purchased my first 4x4, a Ranger 2.2 XLS S/C out the box in 2014.(Now has 120k) AKA BIG Brother.(My name is Charles I cannot spend a day without visiting this Forum, I know I am addicted but will work on it, will try)

In April 2017, I purchased a standard second hand 2010 Jimny, with only 19500km on the clock. AKA The Baron as now called. "She" has done me proud. Based on where "he" grew up, the only changes I had to make was new headlights, Gabriel HDP shocks and new coil springs, all were finished, but what would you expect after living for seven years only doing offroad trails(with multiple drivers abusing you), and the only time you saw tar was for your annual service.

Many thanks again to you all for your valuable contributions, I hope can contribute in the future. Regards Charles