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    Question Alternatives to Xakanaka

    Good evening members,

    As first-time visitors to Moremi our touring party was planning to spend 3 nights in 3rd Bridge, 3 nights in Xakanaka and 3 nights in Savuti during July school holidays in 2019. We managed to secure the 3rd Bridge and Savuti bookings, but could not get the middle 3 nights at Xakanaka. (Sold out on morning of day 1 after opening for reservations!!). We are 4 vehicles, camping, with kids aged 7+ and would preferably need electricity, water and ablution. Question is - what is the best alternative now? Would the experienced visitors recommend:

    1) Replace Xakanaka with:
    a) North Gate - have not seen many reviews for North Gate apart from general comments about good game viewing in the area. What are facilities like?
    b) Mbudi - sounds like a good option but no electricity (I think) might add a few complications to a trip for newbies?
    c) South Gate - Maybe too similar/close to Third Bridge and quite a lot of traffic?
    d) Any other options?

    2) Stretch Third Bridge and Savuti bookings to fill the middle 3 nights. (Sacrifice on my FOMO in favour of SWAMBO expectations around breaking & setup of camp in site not as suitable as initially planned... :-) )

    Any advice would be very much appreciated!!

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    Default Re: Alternatives to Xakanaka

    As far as I am concerned there is no electricity points in the Moremi. so just keep that in mind.

    With regards to your itinerary. 3rd bridge and Xakanaka is very close to each other and the game viewing of the area can be done from either campsites. I would suggest 2 nights or atleast an overnight at Khwai (North Gate) as the road from 3rd bridge to Savuti is to far to do in a day in my opinion. The area around Khwai is also great for game viewing and not to be missed. The facilities at Khwai are also on parr with the rest of the camps in the Moremi

    Hope this helps


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    Default Re: Alternatives to Xakanaka

    I would also advise Khwai/North Gate, with no availability at Xakanaka.

    I think the Khwai and Mababe community based camps are in too much disarray to confidently recommend at this time.
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    Default Re: Alternatives to Xakanaka

    There is not one site with power supply in any of the Moremi, Khwai, Savuti or Chobe camps.
    These are wilderness camps but the official NP sites all have ablutions with fresh water showers and toilets. That's where it ends.
    Obviously now you can assume Dijara again, so there is an alternative to Khwai community and Dizhana, but you still would have to pull through if Savuti is full.
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    Default Re: Alternatives to Xakanaka

    As stated by others there is no electric power supply at any of the sites you wish to go to. Maak n plan!

    With you having secured 3rd Bridge and Savuti and now are looking for ideas for the 3 nights between them you have the following options.

    1 Northgate/Kwai area
    2 Dijara- not too sure if the campsites are fully up and running.
    3 Mbudi
    4 South Gate (one night), then;
    5 Dizhana (two nights)

    I going to Dizhana you can travel via Northgate or go via Southgate back to the main Maun Mababe road and the turn left on this road. Dizhana is some 15kms on your left before Mababe village. We were there in April and were pleasantly surprised. There was only one other site occupied during our 4 day stay. Although a couple of the sites did not have good facilities in that the water pipes were damaged and donkeys not working. What was nice is that the sites are large, shady and far apart (further apart than Any of th Moremi sites). Our site (4 or 5 I can’t recall) was on the edge of the water with lots of hippo action especially during the night. The bird life was prolific especially the raptors. I will go back again.

    Savuti camp is not what it used to be. There are two lodges/operators that run their generators till 10h00. SKL have a generator too which is situated inside the bunded walls of the ablutions to supply power for the geysers and lights.

    The big disappoint at Savuti is this noise pollution is extremely intrusive and worst the late afternoon early evening bush sounds are gone. If unlucky you could be there when the lodges are full with clients and groups of loud backpackers.

    If I were you I would not increase the 3 nights you have booked there. We did however have great sightings on our game drives in the Savuti. Will I go back there again? No I doubt I will. Maybe if I could get one of the remote satellite camps referred to elsewhere in this forum.
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    Default Re: Alternatives to Xakanaka

    Check with Mbudi khwai camp
    I has newly constructed ablution.

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